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scenario analysis, calculations on output data. please help!!!

Posted 11 years ago
hello i have a small big problem with manipulating the output of a scenario analysis. the 100 scenarios are stored in a variable named "OUTPUT" and i need to multiply and divide each of the items stored in OUTPUT by a constant number and play with the results. i have tryied a simple 5xOUTPUT but it gives me inconsisten results i.e. each item is not 5 times the previous item... please help!!! f

unfortunately i cannot find something on the help!!
POSTED BY: fda fda
Hi. I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you give a very simple and small example of the problem you are trying to solve. 

You can multiply every item in a list using normal multiplication syntax for example:

    myList = {a, b, c, d};


This produces:

    {5 a, 5 b, 5 c, 5 d}
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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