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Why are my quizzes still "Not attempted" even though i did attempt them?

Posted 15 days ago
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I've sent Emails and I did not get any answer. I'm watching the online courses "Introduction to Calculus' and "Multiparadigm data science". Regarding to the first series of courses, I 've watched like 25 of 50 videos and those are marked as watched in the Certificate Icon. I've done the first 5 quizzes having a grade of 60% or higher as it says, but, when i Click the icon it still says "Not attempted." As about the second one, although i have still only watched the first introductory video, when i click the certificate it says that I have passed the first quiz with 80%. I never "touched" the first quiz.

2 Replies

Hi Theodore, Have you emailed about the issue? If yes, then we'll definitely look into it and get back to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes , I did. They are looking into fixing this. Thank you :)

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