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Power series in two variables with Wolfram Alpha Pro for Students

Posted 11 years ago
I'm trying to proof my Taylor Series with Wolfram Alpha but it won't let me do an correct input.
The function is: exp(y*x^2)*ln(y*x +1)
and I want to get the taylor polynom in x0=0 and y0=1 but i do not get it work for both variables.
My Input was:
Series[exp(y*x^2)*ln(y*x +1), {x, 0, 2}, {y, 1, 2}]
For one variable it's no problem and everything works like a charm but when i try to add the second variable it doesn't work. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Please help me.
POSTED BY: Alexander Bogner
The input
Series[Exp[y*x^2]*Log[y*x + 1], {x, 0, 4}, {y, 1, 4}]
is not resolved by WolframAlpha: Wolfram|Alpha doesn't understand your query;similiar inputs became also not resolved. The examples show only 1 variable no chance for a taylor series in two variables in WolframAlpha seemingly (possibly allowed if one goes "Pro"). 
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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