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Saved presenter notebook does not open properly, while cdf version does

Posted 1 year ago
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I created my first presenter notebook for testing purposes and then both saved it and exported it as cdf. When I re-open the nb file, the Presenter menu on top is not functional, whereas this works without problems with the cdf. To re-open the nb file correctly, i.e. with a working menu, I have to take the following workaround: 1. Open Mathematica (I am using 12.0) 2. File New Notebook 3. File New Presenter Notebook 4. Create 4. Open file (to re-open my nb presenter file) Now my presenter notebook will be opened correctly. I have attached two screenshots: the incorrect opened presenter file and the correct opened after my 4 steps of the workaround. There is no error message by Mathematica.

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