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What is the difference between CDF and save as HTML?

Posted 11 years ago
I just tried saving a notebook containing a Manipulate as html. then reopening in Safari.
To my suprise the Manipulate is fully interactive aftter loading the plug into safari.
Are there any differences in functionality between embedding into a CDF and a saved html?
{Other than the obvious that with the CDF embed you can use  a prexisting html generated elsewhere.}
POSTED BY: William Stewart
What you have discovered is that "Save as HTML" works sensibly.  It generates the needed CDFs and the approproate embedding HTML/javascript code to render the notebook saved as a web page with embedded CDFs for those elements that can remain active and use the CDF plugin. 

If you separately create a CDF and want to embed it in a web page of your own, then you have (obviously) to place the appropriate embedding code in the HTML yourself.   And you have detailed control in that case on where you want your CDFs to appear in your own HTML page.  
POSTED BY: David Reiss
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