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Regarding An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language Course

Posted 4 years ago

I am a relatively new Wolfram user. I want to dive deep into the Wolfram language so I found the "An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language" online learning course a good one. My question is, how can I complete the course as well as get a certificate after finishing it? How will I see my progress in the course? Should I complete all the exercises provided in the virtual notebook? If so, then how can I make sure that I have passed those exercises?

4 Replies
Posted 3 months ago

Can anyone help with question 6.11 please. Not sure I understand how to progress with this: Make a list for numbers n up to 20 in which each element is a column of the values of n, n^2 and n^3. Would you be able to explain this please?

POSTED BY: Pawel Panka
Posted 3 months ago

In MatrixForm the result for n up to 5 would look like

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Rohit Namjoshi

It is a good course. At the beginning I started a notebook and typed (not copy-paste) the examples into it and made a few variations of my own. I also completed the exercises for each Chapter, typing them in. All this helped me remember many of the function names, the available functionality, and of course I have a written record to refer to.

Answers to exercises are linked at the end of the main table of contents.

POSTED BY: Richard Frost
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