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How to embed a CDF file into Blogger

Posted 11 years ago
Hi all,
Regarding the tutorial video of how to embed a CDF file into Blogger, I don't understand how to get the html file (Tree.html). I have tried creating a NotePad and writting there:
Where "WOLFRAM" stands for the code I get from the Web Embeddable option. Even though, when I upload to Dropbox and open it nothing appears.
POSTED BY: Sergio Garcia
5 Replies
Currently, It is necessary to download the CDF player in order to use the CDF plug-ins you embed in your website. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Hi all,

I watched carefully the tutorial by Vitaliy ( ), as well as the screencast ( in Wolfram´s CDF website. I followed the procedure given in the first of them in order to embed an interactive image in Blogger, using Dropbox as the host for the .cdf and the .html files. The .html file produced by the SaveAs|.html contains references to my HTML files which have to be saved in the Dropbox public folder (something which is omotted in the tutorial) as well as a few other things (v.g., the Java scipt snippet produced by the wizard for the .cdf file has a lot more code than it appears in the example given by Vitaiiy, etc.), so that I had to make a number of adjustments, which given my extremely limited knowledge of Java took some hours of work. The thing is, when all this stuff is finally incorporated in my blog, and I hit the Publish button in my computer, it works fine. But..., if someone else (who doesn't have Mathematica or the CDF player installed on his computer) tries to open it, he gets a message asking for him to download the CDF player...

Well, I thought the above-mentioned procedure was meant precisely to avoid this (I know that downloading and installing CDF player is quite simple and may be achieved in a few minutes, but most people I know hate to do it). I have the very simple question: is it possible to prepare an interactive example and embed it into a blog - in Blogger, or Wordpress or whatever- so that any user (who most probably doesn't have the CDF player installed, let alone Mathematica) can open it and play with it without being required to download anyting?

POSTED BY: Tomas Garza
Hi Sergio,
I have a similar experience with this this kind of approch with my tikiwiki blog ( ). The html filed called by the {iframe()} command works in my local browser (Firefox) but does not open when called within the blog posting. The CDF workshop video indicates that this approach should work but all I get is a blank frame. I put the cdf, png, and html files in a directory and modified the code to use them instead of from the MySQL database. This did not help. I suspect that something is keeping the script from running at this point so I tried the Google Chrome and IE browsers. It's blank in Chrome but works in IE. In IE, the CDF jumps around a bit but this is a big step forward. Anyway,  how this helps some.
POSTED BY: Jay Morreale
Posted 11 years ago
Hi Sean,

I creat a.html file using Notepad just by copying there the Web Embeddable Wizard code provided by Wolfram. This is how it looks like:

This works when I open it with Google Chrome.

Then, as said in the video, I upload the w2.cdf file to the Public folder in Dropbox and past the link in the Notepad:

This also works when I open it with Google Chrome.

I upload the .html file to Dropbox and paste its public link in the adress bar of Chrome. It also works.

Now I go to Blogger and write what is said in the video:

And when publishing nothing appears.

I guess the problem is in Blogger then. Any help?

POSTED BY: Sergio Garcia
This is mostly a question about using Blogger and not about using CDF. 

First, are you able to make a webpage at all which uses CDF embed code? You can usually create a webpage with a text editor and insert the code in. Get this to work before trying to do anything more complicated.

When you edit a post on Blogger, theres are two butons tha toggle between two modes "Compose", "HTML". You must insert the code referencing the CDF using th "HTML" mode.  I am not certain whether Blogger does anything which would prevent the plug-in from working. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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