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W|A unit conversion bug #1

Posted 11 years ago
[This bug is about 4 years old and is reposted from 
This 'Wolfram Community' forum does not seem to have a Bug section. ]

WA inexplicably reverses the conversion terms for
"gal/mile in L/100km"
"convert (L (liter))/(100 km (kilometers)) to gallons per mile"
POSTED BY: Adam Tester
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
Hi Moderation Team.  Believe me, I have repoorted this and related bugs faithfully via the Feedback form, several times a year since 2009, and I have the correspondence with Elif to show! Perhaps this post wil get these simple but serious conversions errors escalated to the devs. regards Adam
POSTED BY: Adam Tester
Hi Adam! The best way to get Wolfram|Alpha developers' attention about a potential issue is to use the feedback form at the bottom of every results page. That form pipes directly into our tracking system, and makes sure we can get issues resolved.
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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