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Wolfram Language and Connected Device Support for mbed Platforms

Posted 11 years ago
I just thought I'd throw this out to Wolfram and the community and see if it sticks.

There has been a lot of interest in connected device support such as that for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. There is also another set of platforms available that has a lot of potential wrt connectivity to Mathematica/Wolfram Language. That platform is the mbed based on the ARM Cortex microcontroller family available at This platform has a powerful, small form factor processor along with various built in GPIO, PWM, Analog In/Out, SPI, I2C, CAN, Serial UART, USB, and Ethernet depending on the specific device. I personally have the NXP LPC1768 (actually, I have 2 of them since they are so inexpensive). The mbed organization has developed a lot of API libraries that reduce the level of effort to develop an application. I have begun to develop some applications that use HTTP over TCP/IP to communicate between Mathematica and the mbed. Since I'm not very experienced with HTTP over TCP/IP, what I've done is very rudimentary at this time.

However, mbed now supports the HTML5 Websocket protocol. I could forsee that this protocol would be ideal for full duplex communication between Mathematica and the mbed platform. Please take a look at the following page and watch the video, In the video, a smart phone is shown connecting to an mbed platform and used to view mbed sensor data. I think the Wolfram Language could allow the same connectivity. The data analysis possibilities would be tremendous as would the remote control abilities. I currently run Mathematica 9 and I'm not certain whether I can use it to connect to mbed platforms via Websockets. If anyone has experience with this, I'd be very interesting in getting some more information about how to do it.

I hope that Wolfram community members, both users and Wolfram developers, will take note and hopefully add the mbed platform to the Wolfram Language connected devices library. Hopefully, a future version of Wolfram Language will provide built in support for HTML5 Websocket protocol. Finally, I'm not an employee of mbed or any of mbed's sponsors or platform vendors. I'm just an mbed user.

Here's an image of the NXP LPC1768 with a description of it's I/O:

2 Replies

Dear all

i do prefer the LPCXpresso boards as they are even cheaper, but what is mainly to say is that Wolfram should put less emphasis into adding "devices" but to add protocols, i.e. I2C, be it as i.e. the RaspBerry Pi be the master or the slave. Tutorials should step y step show how to implement this on ARM Cortex Mx controller i.e. and using CMSIS HAL. This way it would be simple to port such an example to any ARM Cortex Mx from any supplier! This would allow i.e. the community of embedded developers to study possible advantages of using the wolfram language on a system with access to the cloud. Also the SystemModeler would benefit from such information, were developers could include external HW easily.

Dear all,

I came to here to see any support for Mbed platform from WA. Thanks for David's input. Yes, absolutely. agree. Why not Mbed? Not sure, who /where to start.

With regards, chandra

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