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General and COVID-19 deaths in Sweden

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POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
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POSTED BY: Moderation Team
Posted 4 years ago

This is really informative post! Thanks for sharing this study oscar

POSTED BY: Yasmin Hussain
Posted 4 years ago

Hola Oscar,

I would be interested in making the same (or similar) study or research on the impact of Covid-19 in Spain.

As I have seen, part of your post is written in Spanish (in both English and Spanish, good idea); so, I guess you know the reason of my answer. Here, in Spain, we are facing a tough and acid issue between what is being officially said by the government and the data which is being arguing (handled) by many other first line institutions, and persons.

Here, some significant part of the Spanish population, as well as important institutions and social agents, are asking the government for credible figures and useful segmentations of the casualties induced by the virus, just for us to be able to deal with the next wave of the disease .

The government is negating about 56% of the deaths produced by the pandemic (28,385 officially acknowledged fatal casualties versus nearly 50,000 cases collected by the burial and cremation sector, among others).

Perhaps your study could help to some people here in approximate the true situation; however, in any case, we would have serious difficulties in collecting the accurate data you seem to have got directly, I suppose, from the Swedish authorities.

Do you have any access to this information in Spain?

POSTED BY: Updating Name
Posted 4 years ago

Very interesting post.

Why does the 'LocationEquivalenceTest' fail so often?

POSTED BY: Bernard Gress

Thanks Bernard, LocationEquivalenceTest, needs the vectors to have equal variance. So maybe the distribution of the deaths is different enough to avoid this test.

POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez

¡Bien hecho y muy interesante Oscar!

POSTED BY: Jan Brugard

Muchas gracias Jan, me motiva mucho el comentario.

POSTED BY: Oscar Rodriguez
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