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Came up with the problem that "fooled" AsymptoticIntegrate

Posted 21 days ago
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Hello, everyone!

I was teaching approximate methods in MIPT and came up with an interesting problem, which involves an approximate calculation of definite integrals: enter image description here

The problem was to find an asymptotic of this integral in the limit of \lambda -> \infty. I tried to solve this problem using AsymptoticIntegrate in WolframCloud and it gave me the wrong answer with no warning. Unfortunately, my plan does not allow me to contact tech support, so I decided to share this fact here.

2 Replies

You should post your Mathematica code.

Sure, Here it is. I've recreated this with the desktop version 12.0. Approx1 is the incorrect answer given by AsymptoticIntegrate. Approx2 is the correct answer.

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