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How can I integrate this function?

Posted 11 years ago
I have a function from an old assignment. I am pretty sure I can integrate it using a substitution but I thought mathematica would do it quite simple and give the same answer, instead I get the integral echoed back to me as I would write it on a page (the familiar integral notation instead of syntax). How can I integrate it in mathematica? My apologies if this is a naive question, I am a new user. Any help on what I doing wrong would be appreciated.

e^-(t/\[Theta])^\[Lambda] t^(-1 + \[Lambda]) \[Theta]^-\[Lambda] \
\[Lambda], {t, 0, y}]

Hopefully this is legible, thanks for the tip.
POSTED BY: Jon Plummer
Posted 11 years ago
Try changing exp to E

If that isn't enough then when posting code click on the <> button at the right end of the second row.
That will open up a little box where you can paste code you scrape from your notebook and it won't scramble the so it is impossible to tell what it originally was.
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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