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Having Mathematica(trial), willing to buy, but having payment issue.

Posted 3 years ago
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Hello all,

I am having Mathematica (trial version) - it will expire on June 26, 2020. I am willing to buy (Mathematica Home Edition = £229.00)

When I fill my card information, and click "Process my order", a message appear: "Payment was not confirmed"

Is that because the trial version is still valid? Must I pay after expiry?

Or is it because a technical problem? enter image description here


POSTED BY: Hussain Alqatari
Posted 3 years ago


Of course I would first check that you filled out the form correctly with a valid payment information (I'm sure you already did this).

Otherwise, I think your best chance of getting a reply from someone who can help will be to fill out this form:, or even by calling 1-800-WOLFRAM.

Hope this helps,


POSTED BY: Kyle Martin
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