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(Possibly Off-Topic) Misprinted Book

Posted 3 months ago
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This might be an off-topic question. I just received Wolfram's Fundamental Physics in the mail and I am absolutely stoked to read it. It's beautiful. It's also defective: the cover's been put on the textbook upside down. Opening the textbook from what appears to be the upward orientation brings me to the back of the book, and every page is upside down from that perspective.

Does anyone know how I can ask Stephen to sign my defective first edition?

Best, Dale

2 Replies

Would he have to get upside down and backwards to sign it? I'd think that would warrant pictures, at a minimum.

Posted 3 months ago

Good point @Daniel Lichtblau, that was an oversight on my part. I was just very excited to see if anyone knew a good way to submit such a request. Here is a link to a gif showing that the cover and pages are oriented in opposite ways.

I'm going to submit an email to the Media Inquiries listed at the Wolfram Physics home page, but please do post any other suggestions.

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