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Non consistent error at WolframModel

Posted 4 months ago
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Different error for at first view same situation:

At eo3[ ]

WolframModelEvolutionObject::unknownProperty: Property "{EdgeCountList,VertexCountList}" should be one of "Properties".

At eo[ ]

Syntax::sntxf: "{" cannot be followed by ""VertexCountList ","EdgeCountList "}".

The mystery is that: In some situations there is no error with eo3[ { "EdgeCountList" , "VertexCountList" }] and an error with eo3[ "EdgeCountList"] I tried to reproduce this.....

4 Replies

What is the version of Mathematica Your are operating with?

For 12.0 download WolframModel notebook and retry Your inputs after executing this source notebook in a copy of this notebook.

At first sight the given input is an example from this source notebook.

From the source notebook read the definitions and discover that

eo2[ {"EdgeCountList","VertexCountList"}]

does not work. It is not defined. A tranfer from the knowledge would have been

eo2[ "EdgeCountList][VertexCountList"]

but this results only in a correct output for the first property.

I'm still confused. Everything is working when I use both properties directly in the WolframModel function. But not when I try to use the properties on the WolframModelEvolutionObject. NOW I have errors in all the cases. In my initial citation I had some results without error. Strange!

Posted 3 months ago

WolframModelEvolutionObject properties are not listable. You need to map over each of them:

eo = WolframModel[{{x, y}, {x, z}} -> {{x, z}, {x, w}, {y, w}, {z, 
      w}}, {{0, 0}, {0, 0}}, 3];
In[] := eo /@ {"VertexCountList", "EdgeCountList"}
Out[] = {{1, 2, 4, 7}, {2, 4, 8, 14}}

Thank you

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