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[WSS20] ThermodynamicCycle

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enter image description here Thermodynamics is a fundamental field to understand thermal processes. In mechanics, laws of thermodynamics are fundamental for an objective comprehension of real processes, specially the second law of thermodynamics which is a criterion to determinate the direction of a process and whether it is possible to occur. Thermodynamics modeling are fundamental to increase the efficiency of thermal systems like: Power Plant generation, Refrigeration and air conditioning systems. By its turn increasing efficiency of a thermal system means less monetary cost and even less environment depletion, once, for instance, a more effective power plant needs less fuel to produce energy, thus it produces less pollution. Rankine Cycle represent 90% of total power generation around the world. So be able to better modeling thermodynamic cycles it a atractive challenge. The present work is about two functions. The first one is the thermodynamic cycle which is a function that take with a few input values outputs all parameter and properties at each state for a thermodynamic cycle as an object. The other function takes the object from the Thermodynamic Cycle then outputs Thermodynamic Diagrams like temperature vs entropy and pressure vs entropy