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[WSC20] Digital Contact Tracing Simulations

Posted 10 months ago
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Spread of Infection Through Network

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Dear Mrs Megha Narayanan,

Thank you for your excellent work. I downloaded your code, but I get an error message every time I verify it. Can you help me out here?

Error: $RecursionLimit: Recursion depth of 1024 exceeded during evaluation of Flatten[mList]

If[RandomReal[{0, recoveryTime}] < mProb, 
    iCounter = KeyDrop[iCounter, #]; mList = Append[mList, #], 
    Nothing] & /@ Keys[iCounter];
mList = Flatten[mList];

Thanks and best regards,... Jos

Dear Mr. Klaps, This part of the code will run as part of the step[] function, but not on its own as it requires variables that exist only in the function. If you run the full step[] function (found under the subheading "Full definition of step[]" it should execute as intended.
Best, Megha

Posted 10 months ago

Amazing work you did there! Very well presented.

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