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keyboard language

Posted 11 years ago
I hit the wrong keys in mathematica and my keyboard language switched from US to dutch, but after I changed it back, it was my normal keyboard on the internet, but in mathematica it was still dutch. for example if i type this _ in mathematica is it this ? . How do I fix this?
2 Replies
Thank you! Problem fixed
Do you see the correct characters being typed in other programs such as a word processor?

What version of Mathematica on which operating system are you using?

I would first suggest resetting Mathematica's preferences to installation defaults:

rom your description, I imagine it could be a font corruption issue. Are you on a mac? If so, you may consider running through this tutorial which covers fixing a kind of font corruption that happens. 

If this doesn't help, I would suggest writing to with your license number or activation key.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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