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Development of a daily learning management system

Posted 4 months ago
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How do you raise and keep your motivation for learning? I made one way to make our learning more and more efficient. This is an application which is made for students and works on the Internet. There are two parts to this system. an app I made First, you have to measure and record your studying time. I use Google Apps Script for this. The records are accumulated in the google spread sheet. In order to measure the studying time easily, I set a timer worked by java script. It enables us to measure our studying time individually. The measuring time can encourage our learning. an app I made Second, you can see the records of others' learning. I used Wolfram Cloud to implement a function "WordCloud" to show the records. At first, it gets the data of the studying details accumulated on the google spread sheet. It deploys the "Cloud Object" of the Word Cloud and gets the URL of the "Cloud Object." It then redirects the URL, and shows the picture from the word cloud. To make this application, I had to learn Google Apps Script and HTML, though I had never learned them until I started making it. It was a little hard however, I enjoyed it! In order to improve the application, I want to build an additional function. This word cloud is so simple and it can't analyze the data in detail. So, I want to install a new analytic system such as AI. If someone knows any ideas about that, please let me know!

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