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Graphics3D resize itself upon clicking?

Posted 6 months ago
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Why does Graphics3D resize itself just before and after I click on it to change the view with the mouse? Graphics3D example

Notice that I understand that the height of the bounding box depends on the viewing angle, so it requires a resizing of the surrounding square, but what bothers me is that it resizes itself right before I click on the thing or right after I release the mouse, that is when no change in the viewing angle has happened yet or respectively when the viewing angle change has been done already.

3 Replies

I suppose that during a presentation the resizing could be distracting. Are you aware of the option SphericalRegion -> True? That should prevent the risizing, at the expense of some wasted screen space in some views.

No, I was not aware of that option. Thanks for pointing it out :-)

Posted 6 months ago

Maybe it happened because of the setting. I mean to make sure you get the whole picture of every perspective. this resizing thing happened.

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