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Spacetime vs speed of light varying with position

Posted 11 days ago
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In one of his videos in the Wolfram YouTube channel, S. Wolfram said:

If I wanted to pick a possible wrong term in the history of physics, which is probably about 100 years ago, it would be when people [Poincaré, Minkowski, etc.] started saying that space and time are the same kinds of things.

Indeed, in the English translation of his 1920 book "Relativity: the special and general theory" A. Einstein wrote:

according to the general theory of relativity, the law of the [speed] of light in vacuo, which constitutes one of the two fundamental assumptions in the special theory of relativity [...] cannot claim any unlimited validity. A curvature of rays of light can only take place when the [speed] of propagation of light varies with position.

So, for A. Einstein, what other physicists called the curvature of spacetime, was the fact that the speed of light varies with position. For more details, I recommend the lecture Why Herrmann Minkowski Was a Disaster for Physics of Alexander Unzicker.

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