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[Solved] What could be the reason why my ParallelSum slowed down?

Posted 6 months ago
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I am trying to run a code that evaluates a series solution over four indices using ParallelSum[]. Back then, when I run the code it just takes a minute for it to evaluate. Suddenly, the computation time is four times as much. What could I be doing wrong?

Here's a snippet of the code block:

DragOsc = ConstantArray[0., Length[points]];
Do[DragOsc[[i]] = 
   ParallelSum[Re[Sinusoidal[m, n, mp, np, r[i], angle[i], azimuth[i]]], {m, 0, 20}, {n, 1, 20}, {mp, 0,20}, {np, 1, 20}];
  {i, 1, Length[points]}];
data = Thread[{points, DragOsc}];
Export[StringTemplate["DataIntegrandOsc`1`_Ro`2`_Mach`3`_SD`4`.xlsx "][DateString[{"Year", "Month", "Day", "Hour12", "Minute"}], Ro, \[Mu], SD], data, "XLSX"];
Posted 6 months ago

I have resolved the problem. Thanks!

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