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Get University Population Data

Posted 8 days ago
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I have a CSV file of different universities, and I would like to query Wolfram Pro to get information about population statistics at these universities. Although I can do so easily from the search bar, I struggle to have it analyze a CSV document and return the tabular information. Can someone direct me to some assistance on this, I'm having a hard time googling around for it. Many thanks, Rob

4 Replies

Welcome to Wolfram Community! Please make sure you know the rules: Your post is too vague. Please describe your subject extensively providing the details, examples, and other relevant ideas, so it is clear what exactly you are looking for and the relevance to Wolfram Technologies.

Hi Rob,

There are some examples here. What exactly are you trying to do with the uploaded CSV? Can you attach the CSV to your post?

Posted 7 days ago

Yes, thanks so much for your assistance.
For instance, if I search for "Number of students at Franklin and Marshall COllege", I get: 2309 people (according to 2018-19 school year estimates).

But I'd like to upload a CSV and get back values for each university in the CSV, as per attached.

Is this possible?

I have never used Wolfram Pro so I am not sure if this is possible or not. Maybe someone else can give a better answer.

It is quite easy to do this using WL in Mathematica.

universityNames = Import["~/Downloads/Number of Students.csv", {"Data", 2 ;; , 1}] // 
  Map[StringSplit[#, {"(", "--"}] & /* First /* StringTrim]

{#, WolframAlpha[#, {{"Enrollment:UniversityData", 1}, "ComputableData"}][[1]]} & /@

Part of the output

 {"Air Force Institute of Technology", "NotAvailable"},
 {"Binghamton University", {"all students", Quantity[17768, "People"]}},
 {"Davidson College", {"all students", Quantity[1843, "People"]}},
 {"Delaware State University", {"all students", Quantity[4586, "People"]}},
 {"Florida Atlantic University", {"all students", Quantity[29772, "People"]}},
 {"Florida Institute of Technology", {"all students", Quantity[6271, "People"]}},
 {"Franklin and Marshall College", {"all students", Quantity[2309, "People"]}}
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