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Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition and WolframAlpha Pro

Posted 1 year ago
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Does anyone know if I can run Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition and/or WolframAlpha Pro freely as I can with Mathematica 12 please? I’m not sure, but believe Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition can only be run online and not locally on my Raspberry Pi? I have a full paid subscription for WolframAlpha Pro on my iPad Pro - I think I can run WolframAlpha Pro directly from my Browser on my Raspberry Pi by logging on with my Wolfram ID, not sure if there is a ‘local’ version of WolframAlpha Pro that’ll run directly under Linux? I also believe I can run (freely) the Wolfram Language from my Raspberry Pi?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated (be gentle with me, I’m a retired IT guy aged 71 and have been ‘shielding’ since February!).

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