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How to create a REST web service using Mathematica?

Posted 11 years ago
I would like to create a simple RESTful web service interface to publish a particular, complex calculation implemented in a Mathematica program to other external programs. I am thinking something along the lines of the geocoder ZIP-code distance calculator example, easy to call via URI and passing an array of numbers as parameters (matrix algebra).

I have seen the Web Services documentation on Wolfram's reference for Mathematica 9. It seems to be a bit dated (2008) and geared towards SOAP 1.1. Also, the tutorials are generally describing the scenario where Mathematica is consuming an external web service as a client, as compared to offering a web service as Provider to external systems. I did not find any reference to a REST web service built with Mathematica either.

Any pointers or example code would be appreciated.

Thanks, Thomas.
Hi Thomas,

    You can do It with WebMathematica. See this page.
    In the future, I believe that with WolframCloud it will be much simpler to do that. But it's not avaliable today.
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
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