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Using stylesheets / placing multiple cursors in notebook

Posted 1 year ago
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I'm curious, has anyone worked with the WolframAlphaNotebook.nb stylesheet file? The documents on stylesheets are mostly for Mathematica and they seem to be different than what is included in the notebook edition. My guess is that you can't create new stylesheets at this time. At the moment I am applying one of the stylesheet in the writing assistant and at the very least this gives me what I need. But was curious if I could create a blank stylesheet or save a copy of a pre-made stylesheet and make some edits.

Also, I am pretty sure there isn't a built-in feature for this. But, does anyone know if you can place multiple cursors in a document, on a word for word or even line by line level? For example, in some text editors you can hold down Ctrl and then left-click at the beginning of a word you want to edit and it will place a cursor there for editing. Or if I wanted to edit lines 7,40, 55, 69, 101 I could select those lines then edit them all at the same time.

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