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Odd and even kernel running (alternate evaluations hang)

Posted 10 years ago
I recently migrated Mathematica to my new Mac computer and now it has a glitch.

I can evaluate something (ex. N[12 13] ) and it works. Evaluate it again and the kernel runs endlessly. Evaluate a third time, fine. Fourth time, endless running. And so on, even and odd evaluations, fine and endless running.

POSTED BY: Nelson Zink
4 Replies
I heard of a case in which the kernel was dying on the alternate evaluations and just appeared to hang.
Does Activity Monitor show the kernel continuing?  (Be sure to track the regular calculation kernel;
the front end launches a utility kernel to do little tasks for it.)

If you launch the MathKernel by itself, can it perform multiple evaluations of these inputs?
In Mac OS X, 
- hold down the Control key and Click on the Mathematica application (.app) 
- then select "Show Package Contents".
- In the folder that opens, open the Contents folder,
- then the MacOS folder. 
- Double-click the MathKernel icon and a stand-alone kernel will launch.
This is a plain-text interface.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
I have just had the same problem, upgrading Mathematica 9 to  OSX Mavericks.  Resetting to default preferences did not help.  Did you find a solution?
POSTED BY: Nick Barton
I don't think I've seen this issue. What version of Mathematica and OS X are you using? When you say you migrated it, do you mean that you installed it on your new machine?

Please first try resettting Mathematica's preferences to their default settings:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 10 years ago
Mathematica version:
MacOSX: 10.9.1

I first tried to copy it to my new machine but that didn't work too well, so I downloaded a fresh copy and that's when the trouble began.

I've returned all settings to default--no change.
POSTED BY: Nelson Zink
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