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Tensor Algebra problem

Posted 3 months ago
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Hello, I live near Boston, Massachusetts and am just getting started with tensor algebra using Mathematica. I could use some help!

In particular, please see the problem I am starting with at my website. An acquaintance of mine showed me how to solve this problem using the "FeynCalc" add-on to Mathematica, and his solution is also at my website. How can I solve this problem using Mathematica without any add-on like FeynCalc?

I do research at a small nonprofit organization, The Institute for Intermediate Study (TIFIS). If you can show me how to solve this problem without FeynCalc, just using Mathematica's built-in tensor software, that would get me off to a great start. The problem I'm having with FeynCalc is that it seems to require me to be online to some extent, even after downloading the software, whereas I would like to just work offline. My email address is Thanks.

2 Replies
Posted 2 months ago


Can you please attach a notebook version of to your post so the problem can be reproduced.

Hi Rohit, sure, I'm attaching a notebook of the Feyncalc solution, but keep in mind that my question is how to do it WITHOUT Feyncalc. Unfortunately, FeynCalc does not seem to be functioning properly on my computer, and when I try to download and re-install it the reinstallation fails. So that's one reason why I'd like to see how to solve it without Feyncalc.

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