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Problem with DateObject's TimeZone and TimelinePlot

Posted 6 days ago
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Members, I define future DateObjects with TimeZone in Dataset and the output correctly shows CEST (GMT+2) and CET (GMT+1) respectively. However, when plotted a mouse over always shows the relative to the actual $TimeZone as described in ref/TimelinePlot which is (semantically) wrong for the data.

Please see the sample code attached. Any idea to visualize the correct offset?

Thank you for your help, best regards KMS

2 Replies

Hi Klaus-Martin,

I have run into this issue as well. The behavior seems counterintuitive. The only workaround I know of is to specify the TZ for TimeLinePlot.

TimelinePlot[Values[voDigiMed][[1, 2]], TimeZone -> "Europe/Vienna"]

Thank you, Rohit.

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