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A sum of numbers

Posted 11 months ago
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Hello all, I really appreciate "WolframAlpha", but I don't understand how "WolframAlpha" calculates the next amount: enter image description here

Thank you very much!All the best!

4 Replies

I would guess W|A is doing summation like Riemann integration. So sum from upper to lower = -sum from lower to upper.

Isn't W|A input the same as cntl+= in the desktop version? That's what I've done above.

Posted 10 months ago

Hello all, What do you think about the values given by "Wolfram Alpha" in the cases:

1) sum_{k=n}^1 k = -9 for  n=5 ?

2) sum_{k=5}^1 k =0 ?

Thank you very much!


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