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LinearSolve Function

Posted 11 years ago
How Could I use the LinearSolve Function to solve large system of  equations. Attached are 2 examples in the first file (first.nb) the LinearSolve Function Works perfectly fine however when I try to include it with some other operations id doesn't work and it keeps running and at the end a message appears that no more memory is available. The file "Second..nb" shows the calculaton I am trying to run and the error message.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
POSTED BY: rabadihaitham
2 Replies
Sorry about the problems attaching files.  They are believed to have been fixed yesterday afternoon.  Please try again.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Something might be working for me, because I don't see any files. 

Could you describe in more detail your question? Yes it is possible to give LinearSolve a problem that is too large to be held in memory. You can use Sparse matrices when applicable to avoid this. Additionally, use Floating point numbers instead of rational/symbolic values to avoid using too much memory. 

Are you able to run smaller examples? 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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