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How to visualize colored map of 1 country with 5 region?

Posted 11 years ago
Hello all, I am a new user WM.could you please help me. I need to create a colored (blue) map of 1 country. and there are 5 regions. color of the map depends from the infomation(on the left side i need to put 4 check boxes(column B,C,D,E)), which will be selected from excel file. and this information will be change every month, so regions' color also needs to change automaticly . The color should change from the dark to light(dark blue takes max number, light blue takes light blue.Rest numbers will take colors between them. Do I need to get geographical coordinates of regions?
POSTED BY: Guldana Taganova
2 Replies
Hello Sean, thank you so much for your reply.
I visualized map of Kazakhstan.
I have data in excel file.
could you please help me to Import data from excel and visualize data into graph(map) by region.
which functions do i need to use.
Thank you in advance
POSTED BY: Guldana Taganova
Before embarking on a project of this magnitude, you'll want to become familiar with programming in Mathematica in general. Please take a look at the Mathematica virtual book ( if you have not already. 

You're looking to make a map with some colors. If you are refering to a country as list in CountryData, you can use it (

Country data doesn't have shapes that represent parts of individual countries though, so you'll probably need something like an SVG file of the regions you want to color. Here are some examples online where people have imported files with geographic shapes and then made a color map of them:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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