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Create the animation of a body thrown at an angle to the horizon?

Posted 21 days ago
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How to create a dynamic animation of the movement of a body thrown at an angle to the horizon using the Manipulate function? Input parameters: initial speed, angle

3 Replies

You can look at some of the examples on the Wolfram website and modify something that is close. However, I would use Wolfram SystemModeler because you get the animation automatically (Using the 3D mechanics blocks). Look at the SystemModeler examples to get started and they have great video tutorials in the Wolfram U pages.



Posted 20 days ago

While I also looking for a way to animate movement using the Manipulate. And now I know how to do it. I'll try, thank you!

I just had a moment to look at the examples. A good place to start is the example Bend-it-like-Beckham. It shows an animated model of a soccer ball. It includes drag and magnus forces but you can zero these out. There is also the model golf and soccer which is essentially the same model with some extra twists.



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