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Understanding a code.

Posted 2 months ago
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Hello, everyone. I try to understand syntaxis of Wolfram and I have some unusual question. I introduce the part of the code, which can measure fractal dimension, bellow:

result = {
      BlockMap[Min, ImageData[bin], {#, #}],
  } & /@ seq; // AbsoluteTiming

I had some attempts to understand each function in this part of the code, but it was unsuccessful.

4 Replies

Start from the inner part, triple-click on segments, Wolfram Language will highlight parts, helping you to understand how each segment/part is working. For example, triple-click on ImageData, you see ImageData[bin] will be highlighted, meaning ImageData is acting on bin. Now triple-click BlockMap or any other part, and like this you can figure out what is going on

Thank so much, but what do ' #' and '/' and '@' mean in this code? Documentation doesn't have any explaining(

Posted 2 months ago

Hi Nikita,

Look at the documentation. One way is to evaluate



Also take a look at this.

Totally the opposite, the Documentation has a huge content on those syntaxes. For example:

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