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Treating numbers as variables within Maximize Function

Posted 5 months ago
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I am trying to predict NFL game outcomes in an effort to beat the sportsbook (against the spread). I have arbitrarily assigned numerical values to a select set of variables (purple highlighted cells). I then have a body of code that calculates my total profit (TotalProfit). I want to use mathematica to Maximize TotalProfit by changing the numerical designations of the variables I arbitrarily assigned (the purple highlighted cells). Is there a way to do this? Typically, I would simply leave the variables unassigned (i.e. not give them any number designation), however, the body of my code is expecting numerical elements within the matrices, and without numerical elements, many lines of code behave wonky. It would be nice if the Maximize function could behave similarly to excel where the optimization will change numerical values to maximize a result. Please advise.

Thanks, Mark

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