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Buffer sizes & data partitioning in send for ZMQ networking socket objects

Posted 16 days ago
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I currently have a PUSH/PULL zmq socket that I am using to send and receive data on a number of computational results on time-series financial data. I am also passing the time series through the socket as well. This is causing some issues because due to its size, the message is being partitioned at every 544 bytes. When this occurs, it causes my handler function ("Data Received->") to re-run at each partition of the message. I would like to be able to either collect and join the message in full in a list or association before executing handler function computations. I have also explored compressing data and sending as serialized bytes as well, but still have occasions where the message is to large to be sent in one send. I know there is a MultipartComplete handler function key, but all that gets returned is "!0" because the message is not being sent with a multipart complete flag. I have also explored all SocketObject[] options and have seen Sndbuf and Rcvbuf options, but to no avail. Is there anyway to aggregate each message partition without using an append to a list var being declared outside the scope of the handler function?



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