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Changing parameters doesn't affect a piecewise function graph ?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi, In my precedent question, I had some issues to just display the graph but I had really helpful feedback that allowed me to display the graph I wanted to have. However, I want to see how evolves my graph when I modify a parameter that affects both the level and the slope of the function displayed in the graph. Since now I have something weird as several characters do not affect the function at all including the two parameters affecting the slope (beta and p) but also two other parameters that are thetaB and cB and I cannot understand why. I attach the file I used so that you can fully see the function I have and the command to graph it. Thanks in advance for any tip that might help, Best,

Xavier Koch

Posted 1 year ago

According to the documentation, "Manipulate only "notices " explicit visible parameters:"

You've defined the function fb to take one parameter argument, Fc_. The other parameters are not explicity visible in fb.

If you redefine fb as

fb[Fc_, a_, \[Theta]A_, \[Theta]B_, \[Theta]C_, \[Tau]_, cA_, cB_, cC_, b_, p_, \[Beta]_] := ...

and call it as

 Plot[fb[Fc, a, \[Theta]A, \[Theta]B, \[Theta]C, \[Tau], cA, cB, cC, 
   b, p, \[Beta]], ...

then the other parameters will have an effect.

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