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Book & Course: Analysis with Mathematica


Galina Filipuk and Andrzej Kozlowski | Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2019.

  • Analysis with Mathematica®: Volume 1: Single Variable Calculus, ISBN: 978-3110590135

  • Analysis with Mathematica®: Volume 2: Multi-variable Calculus, ISBN: 978-3110660388

  • Analysis with Mathematica®: Volume 3: Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, and Special Functions, ISBN: 978-3110774542

At the Wolfram Technology Conference (WTC) 2020. Stephen Wolfram spoke about "computational thinking" and Conrad Wolfram about Computer-Based Maths initiative. With respect to that, I would like to draw attention to our recent 3-volume book:

We also address the problem of development of computational thinking through the study of analysis with the aid of Mathematica at the University of Warsaw. This might be interesting to people working as mathematics educators. Some more information can be found below in the embedded notebook from the WTC talk. Please alsot take a look at the front and back cover and a sample page of our book.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Volume 3 Differential Geometry, Differential Equations, and Special Functions, de Gruyter, 2022

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The link to both volumes (the second one is to appear in early 2021) is

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