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Minor front end annoyances in version 12.1.1

Posted 3 months ago
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I'm running Mathematica Home Edition version 12.1.1 on a Mac under the latest version of Catalina and have noticed the following:

  1. The software no longer remembers my username and password between sessions. I have to enter them again every time I start Mathematica -- even with the "Remember Me" box checked.

  2. After opening a Notebook, the Save and Save As menu items (to save the file) are greyed out and unavailable. It doesn't matter if I make changes to the notebook or not. However, if I try to close the notebook, then Mathematica notices that I have made changes and offers to save it for me. Alternatively, if I move the Notebook on the screen (i.e., click and drag it to a new screen position) then Save and Save As become active.

Has anyone else experienced these problems? Are there fixes for them (other than the obvious ones)?

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