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Brand new online talk on 10 Nov: Unstructured Data in the Wolfram Language!

Hi everyone,

We've got quite a lot of interests in the past about unstructured data, so here we are with our brand new talk scheduled on 10 November - Unstructured Data in the Wolfram Language: Make Sense of an Unstructured World!

This interactive demonstration will cover how you can use automation to effortlessly infer structure and remove noise from unstructured sources and use innovative computational methods and semantic analysis to drive insight from otherwise suboptimal sources. These methods will be applied to a variety of data types, including image, audio and video sources, and will utilise a number of real-world situations.

With all this functionality built into the Wolfram Language, the power of multiparadigm data science can be used by anyone with a knowledge of the language, opening the door to powerful insight and efficient workflows in any setting.

Register here>>>

Look forward to seeing you there!

POSTED BY: Yaran Liang
Posted 3 years ago

Very interesting, thanks Alt text

POSTED BY: Irene Smith
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