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Using Inputs from inside a CompoundElement in a Function

Posted 6 months ago
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I am using CompoundElement inside FormPage to create a group of inputs that can then be used as a RepeatingElement.

CloudDeploy[FormPage[ "MIX" -> RepeatingElement[ 
CompoundElement[{"T0" -> "Number", "T1" -> "Number","t"->"Number"}]]

I need to use T0, T1, and t to solve an equation: MIX[T1,T0,t_]=(...equation here...)

If I was not using CompoundElements or RepeatingElements, I would just do this inside CloudDeploy to solve the equation with the input variables: EQUATION[#T0, #T1,#t].

CloudDeploy[FormPage[{"T0"-> "Number", "T1"->"Number","t"->"Number"}, MIX[#T0,#T1,#t]

How do I do this using Compound Elements?

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