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Setting the length of a video

Posted 11 years ago
Hi all, I just created a dynamic contour plot to show the solution of a PDE system with manipulate and I'm trying to create a video to better show my results. How can I set the length of such video?
To date I'm stuck at this point

Export["E:\\Programmi\\Dropbox\\TAMUCC\\Courses\\Mathematica\\", m, "FrameRate" -> 15]

where m is the manipulate[...]

Thanks a lot.
POSTED BY: Lorenzo Rossato
Don't use Manipulate for this. Instead use a list of images as shown in the documentation for the QuickTime format This is how you can have finer control over the output. 

To make your movie last a certain length of time, you ensure that it has enough frames for the given framerate. Framerate is given in frames persecond. So if I wanted 3 seconds of video, I need 45 frames. 

As an example. 
frame[m_] := Plot[Sin[m x], {x, 0, 10}]
myFrames = Table[frame[m], {m, 1, 45, 1}]
Export["", myFrames, "FrameRate" -> 15]
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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