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Calculate and plot Ramanujan-Sato Series?

Posted 17 days ago
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Hello, For a math assignment I am evaluating different values for pi and plotting them into a table. One formula that I have to use is the Ramanujan-Sato series. For some reason, when I set it to calculate it puts the same value in the table 'i' amount of times.

Tab3 = Table[1/N[(2*(Sqrt[2]/99^2))*
           Sum[((4*i)!/i!^4)*((26390*i + 1103)/396^(4*i)), 
             {i, 0, k}]], {k, 100}]

Ramanujan-Sato Series

I have to add the value for each summation step into a table and then plot that table. I don't understand why this isn't working and neither does my supervisor, any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 Replies
Posted 17 days ago

The value 100 for k is rather high! And you should take into account, that every iteration adds about 8 correct digits:

     Sum[((4*i)!/i!^4)*((26390*i + 1103)/396^(4*i)), {i, 0, k}], 
    9 + k 8], {k, 8}]]

enter image description here

Thank you for the help :D

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