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TransferFunctionModel[{z,p,g},s] not working?

Posted 10 months ago
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hello, I'm trying to model a transfer function by specifying the zeros, poles and gain. Following the document that says:


specifies the zeros z, poles p, and gain g of a transfer-function model.

I do this in Mathematica:

 In[43]:= tmf = TransferFunctionModel[{2 - 3 I, 0.5 + 0.1 I, 3}, s]

Out[43]= TransferFunctionModel[{{{ Complex[2, -3],  Complex[0.5, 0.1], 3}}, 1}, s]

which is incorrect because of the following:

In[44]:= TransferFunctionZeros[tmf]

Out[44]= {{{}, {}, {}}}

please kindly advise the correct syntax of zeros-poles-gain specification with an example. Thanks!

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