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Need your opinion on best Linux distribution for Mathematica installation

Subject title says it all. 

I am looking for alternatives linux distributor. Mathematica website sitessays  that only RHEL is supported. Well, this is not good. The video webcam of RHEL (Cheese) is dead and uncompatible with my must current Geoforce NVidia card.  I have an image processing project and having  a reliable webcam player is a must.

But I do not want to go blind and want to make sure that I choose one Mathematica compatible. Please, if you have experience with a distributor running Mathematica AND the video webcam player smoothly, please comment your experience.

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Posted 11 years ago
For me linux mint 14, easy and security, try it and you will be convinced
POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
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