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Odd Similarity Between Logistic Map & Laniakea & Wolfram Physics Project?

Posted 6 months ago
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I was watching Jonathan Gorards' basic formalism talk on the Wolfram Physics project from 2018 and he said something about the "universe bifurcating", which made me think of something odd (at least I thought) I saw awhile back. I found it odd how similar the logistic maps bifurcation and Laniakeas movement pattern were, and after hearing him discuss that I just had to come ask. If anyone thinks it's weird as well I'd love to hear your thoughts.

(he talks about it at 20:00 if you wanted to hear

enter image description here

Posted 27 days ago

There is no similarity between Laniakea and the logistic map bifurcation. The image of Laniakea is misleading.

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