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Typing symbols in Wolfram Alpha?

Posted 3 years ago

Hello Wolfram|Alpha Community!

I am desperately looking for a way to type for example this, and similar expressions, into the input box of Wolfram|Alpha:

{n ∈ N} ∩ {k ∈ Z | k ≤ n}

In words:

{n is a natural number} intersected with {k is a whole number and k is smaller or as big as n}

As a result I get "Interpreting as: ≤ n". I would like to get a simplified set expression, if possible.

I really searched for hours now and I just don't find anything that helps me with it. The main reason probably is, that English is not my language and I am not sure what exactly I should be looking for. Most examples about set theory or domains seem to be much too complex or don't really fit my case. I am also new to Mathematics, new to Wolfram|Alpha and it is all very difficult because our teacher wants us to use Wolfram|Alpha to check if our solutions were correct.

Another simple example:

{x ∈ N | x/2 ∈ N} ∩ {x ∈ N | x/7 ∈ N}

The "solution" would be:

{x ∈ N | x/14 ∈ N}

I would love to know how to type this, or what topics in English I should be looking for in the examples of Wolfram|Alpha.

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