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CYC-like World Model

Posted 10 years ago
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I would love to see a world model of common sense knowledge, something like CYC - LINK.
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If WolframAlpha is the database of facts and associations that is equivalent to Cyc then I assume Mathematica or the Wolfram language is the language for querying that data (the equivalent of CycL).  To connect the two, is there a published set of ontologies or schemas that cover all or much of the data in WolframAlpha so Mathematica user can see what is queryable?  Something equivelent to Cyc's published vocabulary (  If there is, it would be much more useful than the hit-or-miss results from WolframAlpha's natural language interface.
POSTED BY: Carl Lemp
Isn't it Wolfram|Alpha?
POSTED BY: Himura Kazuto
Yes, it is, completely agree with Himura. Here is the link, Ed, if you never seen it yet: WolframAlpha.
POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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