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StandardAtmosphere Package: Definition of ‘ThermalConductivityCoefficient’

Posted 3 years ago

Dear Wolfram community,

a question on the definition of the quantity ‘ThermalConductivityCoefficient’ in the StandardAtmosphere Package:

Provided that ‘ThermalConductivityCoefficient’ stands for the thermal conductivity lam acc. to Fourier’s law of heat conduction

q = -lam grad(T),

then lam should be in the order of 0.025 W/(m K) for ambient air.

However, the command in the attached file yields a value of

0.000025362 J / (m s K) for condition at sea level (0 Meters).

This seems to be too low by an order of 3 magnitudes.

Is this quantity based on a different definition, other than assumed above ?

I am using Version

POSTED BY: ludwig.eineder
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