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Displaying Census Tract Area from given GEOID reference in Covid Database

Posted 2 months ago
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I frequently receive Covid infection data at the level of census tract. I have downloaded the TIGER directory for my state from which contains all the data that one would need to connect a GEOID to a polygon to display the particular census tract area as a location on a map.

It's unclear to me from the Mathematica documentation how I would go about instructing Mathematica get the pieces from the Tiger file to display the census tract on a map.

I think a few examples using Mathematica's GIS primitives at least would get me started.

3 Replies
Posted 2 months ago

Hi Lawrence,

Take a look at this MSE post. Should be easy to modify it to extract labels and geometry data for GEOID.

Thanks. The reference will be useful.

Worth mentioning here also a post shows how to extract data from a .shp file:

SHP file data extraction

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